Milo Range LiveFire

MILO Range Live Fire

The Milo Range Live Fire system enables use of live fire ammunition rounds with interactive HD video scenarios, Virtual Graphics targetry, and multi-lane marksmanship training solutions. Milo Range Live Fire adds software capabilities, shot detection hardware, and a custom state-of-the-art Live Fire screen that allows you to maximize your training for real world experience by using live ammunition. Milo Range Live Fire systems can switch between laser based and live fire training at any time, without any reconfiguration or system changes. Backed by our 24/7 technical support, on-site Trainthe- Trainer course and a full system warranty, the MILO Range Live Fire makes it easy to create a safe, reliable and effective training program.

Your Weapon. Your Ammo. Your Training.

The more realistic the training the more effective the results. Milo Range Live Fire supports a host of features that let you maximize your training.
  • Handgun & Long Gun support
  • State of the art, multi layer screen technology
  • Customizable size to fit your training range
  • Fixed and Portable Target Screen Configurations
  • Proven accuracy at +/- 5mm
  • High definition video scenarios
  • Graphic Ranges & Customized Course of Fire
  • Interactive 3D scenarios and 3D glasses included
  • Available on all Milo Range systems
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