Milo Range Classic

Milo Range Classic The MILO Range Classic is a low cost interactive training simulator that uses the same technology as the MILO Range PRO simulator, with full digital video branching scenarios and graphics based firearms drills and exercises. The compact, all-inclusive design of the Classic is easy to transport and sets up in less than 20 minutes in almost any size training room. This makes a perfect system for temporary or permanent training environments that require a fully interactive simulator with easy portability.

Full High Definition Video (optional)
MILO was the first and remains the leader in High Definition Video for simulation training. By supporting all the standard HD video formats, all existing standard video, and easy capturing and editing tools for both standard and high definition video, the MILO Range PRO ensures a future-proof system that doesn't leave any of your existing training content behind. MILO Range is the only system to include full 1920x1080 training videos and is the only simulator that supports the user easily filming their own Full HD 1080 video scenarios without any video editing software or special skills required.

GraphX Firearms Drills
In addition to standard and high definition branching video scenarios, all MILO Use-of-Force products support interactive, graphic-based firearms exercises and drills. GraphX offers modules ranging from basic target tracking exercises to a complete user-defined Course of Fire and Marksmanship drills. All GraphX applications have settings to accommodate the skill level of the shooter and fully support both laser and Live Fire modes.

Branching Video Scenarios
The MILO Range Advanced includes over 700 interactive video scenarios covering everything from active shooter and domestics patrol and homeland security. Instructor controlled branching options enable the trainer to determine different outcomes with the same scenario.

Features Include:
Weapons, Taser, GraphX, Return Fire, Knowledgebase, Untethered Instructor, Recoil Weapons

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