Return Fire Shoot-Back System Options

Return Fire Training The MILO Range systems offer the next generation in simulator shoot-back and return fire technology. The MILO Digi-Fire Tracking Return-Fire Cannon allows instructor-controlled aiming and firing capabilities on an all-electric platform, (no dangerous compressed air tanks) that allows the gun and pan/tilt unit to operate for weeks on one charge. The 9" widesceen fire-control computer can be plugged in, or used for up to 3 hours without any AC power allowing for use in locations other than your simulator room (outdoors, sim house, etc.). All components re-charge in approx. 2 hours. Li & NiMH technologies eliminate battery memory effect and the smart chargers turn themselves off when complete.

Digital Audio and Video: Because of the new technology this system is based on, you can not only view, but *record* audio and video during the training session, from the "threat's" point of view. The video files can then be played back immediately, transferred to the main simulator and projected down range during debrief, or archived to a flash drive for later viewing at any computer or for training documentation. Live remote viewing of the training sessions from another location is also possible.

Return Fire System Training Accuracy: MILO Return Fire System fires a 1/2" group at 25 feet. The 6mm plastic projectile far exceeds the accuracy of the current foam "paint balls" used by other vendors. This accuracy translates into safety; While safety glasses should *always* be used, you will hit exactly where the red dot is located.

The MILO Return Fire System uses no air, CO2, leaky hoses, o-rings, and no travel to a paint ball shop for repairs. Also no need for D.O.T. tank inspections or inaccurate foam balls to chase around.

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