Interactive GraphX Skill-Builder Exercises

Interactive GraphX Skill-Builder Exercises In addition to standard and high definition branching video scenarios, all MILO Range Use-of-Force products include pre-loaded interactive, graphic-based firearms exercises and drills. MILO'S interactive computer generated graphics modules (GraphX) offers exercises ranging from basic target tracking exercises to a complete user-defined Courses of Fire and Marksmanship drills. All MILO GraphX applications have settings to accommodate the skill level of the shooter and fully support both laser and Live Fire modes with selectable sound effects, target behaviors and backgrounds, lighting levels and special effects.

Some of the pre-loaded MILO GraphX Applications Include:

Firing Range Daytime, Firing Range with Flashlight, etc Firing Range Daytime, Firing Range with Flashlight, Turning Targets, Dueling Tree, Poppers, Shoot House, Plates, Shot Grouping, Indoor Range, Home on the Range, Running Man, Multi-Lane Marksmanship, Exploding Targets, Target Match, Exploding Target Tracking, Steel Field, Target Tracking, Hostages, Dynamic Room Breaches, Hostage exercises, Target identification and Interdiction exercises among many others-the best in the industry.

Firing Range Single Firing Range Double

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